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Devblog #2 - What's new on August 29, 2023

Dear Bet2Invest punters and tipsters,

We're delighted to welcome you back and introduce you to the latest updates and changes to enhance your Bet2Invest experience. Here are the major new features we've introduced from August 29, 2023.

The Affiliate Program: Winning together

We're proud to launch our brand-new Affiliate Program. From now on, you can invite new users with your affiliate link, and they'll earn you 30% of the pre-tax revenue generated by their first purchase.

Detailed statistics on the number of people who signed up via your link and made a purchase are available on the "My Account" page.

More control with betting preferences

We've introduced the ability to set the default number of units in the "Betting Preferences" section of the "My Account" area. This means you no longer have to manually adjust your stake for each bet if it doesn't default to 1. Don't forget that the bet must be between 0.5 and 10 and must be a multiple of 0.5.

Welcome to Bandy!

We're delighted to welcome fans of Bandy, also known as Russian Hockey. We're keen to expand our range as much as possible, and following several requests, we've decided to add this sport to our (already impressive) list of sports.



Stream Mode: protect your bets and your privacy

For our streamer and youtuber friends, we've introduced "Stream Mode". Available to Premiums and PRO tipsters, this mode allows you to concentrate on your content without revealing your active bets or sensitive personal information.

account modal

paris floutés

Increase in default number of bets to appear on Tipsters page

In our continuing effort to maintain the quality of recommended tipsters, the minimum number of bets to appear on the tipsters page has been increased from 100 to 200 by default.

We would like to remind you that you can always customize this number according to your preferences. What's more, this value may change over time.

Buying bets directly: a potentially cost-effective solution

We've added the ability to buy individual bets directly, without the need for a subscription. This feature is ideal for testing small samples, such as 10 bets, before committing to a full subscription or continuing with a larger number of bets.

It is also advantageous for punters who prefer larger quantities of bets, as this can be more economical in certain situations.

acheter des paris directement

It's now possible to be PRO from 3% upwards

We've readjusted the criteria for PRO status. From now on, a tipster with 2,000 bets and a 3% ROI can qualify for PRO status. We believe that from 2000 bets upwards, a tipster with a 3% ROI deserves to be PRO just as much as a tipster with a 4% ROI and 400 bets.

New currencies

We've added 8 new currencies for the most targeted countries by Bet2Invest, making it easier for non-European users to read the rates.

Bet2Invest offers explained 

We've created the "Our offers" page, which concisely brings together all the exciting possibilities Bet2Invest has to offer. Explore and choose the best option for your needs.

Improved link sharing

We've improved link sharing by including language directly in the link itself. This allows users to share more relevant content. 

Simplicity and comfort with the Telegram bot

Telegram bot configuration is now even simpler. You no longer need to enter the ChatID manually : simply click on the link provided by the bot to connect your Telegram account to Bet2Invest.

For Premium subscribers: Betting directly on Telegram or by Mail

Premium subscribers benefit from a new feature. From now on, we'll post tipsters' bets directly on Telegram or by e-mail, allowing you to react more quickly without even having to go to the website.

bet directly on telegram / mail

We would also like to point out that we have fixed a navigation problem that could block the transition between event pages when the search bar was used.

All these improvements and new features are designed to provide you with an exceptional experience on Bet2Invest.

Stay tuned for more updates from Bet2Invest!

Louis and the entire Bet2Invest team thank you for your confidence.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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