Tipsters subscriptions

Bet2invest allows you to enhance your user experience by subscribing to Tipsters based on their overall performance. All Tipsters with at least 400 predictions and a minimum ROI of 3% are eligible for the monthly subscription.

Semi-pro tipster

$39.00/ month *

For an ROI of between 3% and 5.99%.

Tipster pro

$56.00/ month *

For an ROI of between 6% and 7.99%.

Tipster expert

$67.00/ month *

For an ROI of 8% or more

* Possibility of purchasing a number of retail picks
After 2000 bets, the minimum ROI drops from 4% to 3% to be PRO.

Opening Odds" alerts

Opening Odds are market opening odds. Thanks to Bet2invest alerts, you'll be the first to know when a sporting event is listed, and what potential "values" are associated with it.

3 specific offers to suit your needs

Pinnacle opening odds only, received in less than 30 seconds

Send notifications by match or league

Notifications by e-mail or Telegram

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Tipsters' remuneration

Hard work deserves reward. Bet2invest is committed to paying out 67% of the pre-tax income generated by each tipster, via the purchase of subscriptions and retail tips. Click on the simulator below to see a forecast.

For an ROI of between 3% and 5.99%.


Per month per subscriber

For an ROI of between 6% and 7.99%.


Per month per subscriber

For an ROI of 8% or more


Per month per subscriber

* Subscribers can also choose to pay per bet. In this case, the tipster receives his share at the same time as his subscriptions.

Remuneration can vary according to the origin of your subscribers and therefore their currency.





Potential earnings

$40.06 / month


Discover our
premium Offer

If you're an independent Tipster (with an existing website and commercial offer), and you'd like to have your bankroll certified for your own subscribers, Bet2invest gives you access to the Premium offer, which guarantees your independence, by encrypting your predictions but certifying them as well as your bankroll.

200 maximum bets over 48h

No advertising

Additional link on your bio (Telegram, etc.)

Invisible betting: hide your bets while sharing your stats publicly

Premium" badge on your profile

Independent" status available, allows you to be exempt from PRO requirements

Integration codes for your site

Tipster bet directly on Telegram/Mail