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How to beat Pinnacle with opening odds alerts ?

In this article, we're going to show you the incredible power of Opening Odds alerts, which will enable you to stay one step ahead of the bookmaker, make the right decisions and maximise your winnings over the long term.

If you've already called in a craftsman to do your housework, you'll be able to analyse fairly quickly whether he's adopting the right method and using the right tools.

In sports betting, it's exactly the same procedure.

A bettor without tools will always be less effective than one with, there's no doubt about that.

Why do the odds change in sports betting ?

In sports betting, the market is constantly evolving from the opening of the odds to their closing (a few seconds before the start of the match), but what concerns us today is the online publication of the opening odds by the bookmaker.

How does the bookmaker set the opening odds ?

It's important to understand that the bookmaker, and Pinnacle in particular, has tools that no punter has ! Sports traders (those who set the odds) have at their disposal information, statistics and other algorithms that enable them to establish probabilities for each event, which are then transformed into odds for the punter. But more than the actual probability of the odds, the bookmaker seeks, above all, to balance the punters' bets (for example on 1X2) to avoid any risk of loss, because let's not forget that the bookmaker earns money on the margin he applies to the odds offered and not, contrary to popular belief, on the punters' losses.

Why bet on the opening odds ?

So you have understood that the opening odds offered by the bookmaker are, at this very moment, the result of a cocktail of mathematics and statistics.

We all agree that a good bettor is one who will find values, i.e. odds that are higher than their own probability !

Of course, you may not find values on the Premier League or La Liga at the start of the market, but you should know that the more you look at less popular markets, the more likely you are to find good values !

This is because, while the bookmaker will be super sharp on the mass market (the major championships in the most popular sports), he will be more vulnerable on less visible competitions (for example, in football, the Croatian, Greek, Romanian or Polish championships, and there are many others in other sports) that are niche sports.

How do I get Pinnacle odds alerts?

Now that we've seen what Pinnacle Opening Odds Alerts are all about, let's look at how to put them into practice.

You will need to acquire a 'bot' which will alert you almost instantaneously to the opening odds of the sports and leagues you wish to bet on and, good news, Bet2invest offers this service in the 'Our Offers' section for a very competitive price, ensuring that you get a return on your subscription each month.

That said, you will need a second ingredient, which is responsiveness !

Obviously, there's no point in having a 'bot' that will give you the opportunity to find values first, if you're not responsive !

It will be necessary to quickly analyse, with a certain amount of expertise, odds errors or, more likely, badly adjusted odds, in order to take full advantage of the product, because, as you know, if you're not quick, the bookmaker will be !

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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