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How to use statistics to increase your profits in Sports Betting?

The art of sports betting largely relies on the use of accurate and relevant statistics to guide one's decisions. 

These data can help maximize gains and minimize losses while keeping the gaming experience exciting enough to continue playing. 

While most of you already know that data plays a significant role in the betting industry, the real question here is how statistics have found their place in sports betting and how you can use this information to improve your long-term betting strategies.

statistics in sports betting

How Statistics Influence Sports Betting 

Statistics are essential for evaluating the performance of teams and players and, therefore, estimating the odds offered by bookmakers as accurately as possible. 

This data comes into play at various points in the life of a regular bettor.

The importance of statistics in performance analysis 

Statistics allow you to assess the performance of a team or player, taking into account various factors such as the number of goals scored, assists, ball possession, which are "classic" data

For example, if you bet on a match between Manchester United and Chelsea, this data will give you a first idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

However, if it were that simple, everyone would be a professional bettor. 

Many other points must be considered if you want to refine your analysis and possibly gain an edge over bookmakers. 

Terms like xG (expected goals), Elo, ROI vs, etc. may be less popular but equally important in decision-making.

using data in betting

Using statistics to evaluate odds 

Bookmakers use their own statistics to set their odds. By analyzing this data, you can identify opportunities where the odds offered are higher than the actual probabilities. 

It's simple, to win, you shouldn't go where everyone else is going; you need to look elsewhere

"Classic" stats are easily accessible with just a few clicks, and for sports betting websites, it's the same ! 

The idea here is to find "unique" information that could give you an edge over the rest of the market.

Methodology for collecting and analyzing sports statistics 

To make the most of statistics in your sports betting, it's important to follow a rigorous methodology that includes:

  • Collecting reliable and relevant data: Choose quality sources of information and consider multiple factors that you can cross-reference to get a comprehensive view.

  • Analyzing data rigorously: Use advanced analysis techniques to identify trends and correlations between different variables.

  • Avoid common errors: Don't fall into the trap of confirmation bias or over-sampling by only seeking to confirm your beliefs.

methodology in sports betting

Tools and resources to access sports statistics 

Here are some reliable online tools and resources to access sports statistics:

  • Whoscored: This site offers performance analyses of teams and players in football, as well as probable lineups for upcoming matches.

It's worth noting that some bettors use their own mathematical models to predict sports outcomes based on past statistics. 

These models can be complex but often offer a significant advantage if used correctly.

Tips for using statistics in Sports Betting

Here are some valuable tips for effectively using statistics in your bets:

  • Don't neglect the importance of recent data, which is often more relevant than data from several seasons ago.

  • Consider the context of each match or event, such as weather conditions or team/player trends.

  • Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on new information available.

increase profit with statistics


In conclusion, statistics are a valuable ally for bettors looking to improve their long-term betting strategies

By mastering the art of using this data, you increase your chances of making profits and growing your bankroll.

However, even with the best statistics and analyses, bankroll management is essential.

Establish strict limits for your bets, ensuring that you don't risk more than you can afford to lose and avoid falling into addiction.

Use statistics as a tool, but don't forget that sports are unpredictable, and that's precisely why we love them, right ?

What about you, what kinds of statistics do you most often use for betting?

Thursday, September 28, 2023

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