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The History of Sports Betting: From the Greeks to AI

Sports betting has a history spanning millennia, spanning different eras and cultures.

To understand where this great global passion for gambling comes from today, we will have to go back a few years, to a time when sporting competitions naturally gave birth to the first acts of informal betting.

Adrenaline to spice up sporting events among the Greeks

The roots of sports betting go back to antiquity (at least according to the most serious evidence we have access to), to a period when the ancient Greeks organized the first GamesOlympics in 776 BC.

These were the first organized sporting events in history, and with them came… the first sports betting of course.

Enthusiastic spectators bet on the outcome of the events, adding a layer of excitement and adrenaline to these sporting competitions.

If at that time we were more in the simple informal heads or tails, the real bases of the global empire that sports betting represents today had just been created.

The Rise of Sports Betting in the Middle Ages

Sports betting continued to flourish during the Middle Ages, adapting to the customs of different cultures.

Chivalry tournaments, jousts and chariot races were types of events where punters gave their opinions and placed their small predictions.

These bets were often not regulated, and were made illegally by most players.

Bets in gaming halls

During the 17th century, sports betting evolved into a more structured form with the emergence of gaming halls in Europe.

These establishments began to regulate betting, creating formal rules for sporting competitions.

Betting on duels, cockfights and other events were organized, creating a very special atmosphere that attracted the social elite.

Money flowed freely during these “dates” and the race of who would bet the most money made the fights even more popular.

Modern sports betting

The advent of bookmakers

The 19th century brought a major transformation with the emergence of bookmakers.

These individuals took on the role of middlemen, facilitating betting between bettors and sporting events.

Racetracks were the first places to welcome these bookmakers, thus creating places dedicated to betting on horse races.

This was the start of a new era.

The first steps towards globalization

The Twentieth century has seen sports betting take on a whole new dimension.

International competitions, such as FIFA World Cup, have attracted the attention of the entire planet, creating opportunities (and desires!) for punters around the world.

Sports disciplines such as football, basketball and tennis began to attract a growing audience, expanding the reach of sports betting not only around the world, but also on continuous events throughout the world. year..

The Digital Age and the Future of Sports Betting

With the advent of the internet in the late 20th century, sports betting underwent a radical transformation.

Online platforms have opened new frontiers, providing instant accessibility to a wide range of sporting events and betting markets

That’s when fixed odds betting came along and changed everything in gambling. Once a ticket has been validated for a sporting event, the odd will no longer move regardless of upcoming events before the match.

And that… It’s a real revolution for the time….

Digital innovations

Live betting and mobile apps

One of the most significant revolutions is the introduction of live betting, allowing punters to play on their favorite teams in real time.

Mobile apps have continued to expand on this option, offering the ability to place bets anywhere and at any time. This development has transformed the experience, placing them at the heart of the sporting action.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis

The 21st century has seen the emergence of artificial intelligence in the field of sports betting.

Of the sophisticated algorithms analyze massive volumes of data, predicting the outcomes of sporting events with increased accuracy.

This use of AI offers bettors more precise, more “unique” information, creating a transformed and ever more personalized gaming experience.

And who knows what tomorrow will bring?

One day, will the machine be able to beat the bookmakers on its own?

It's very likely.

In any case, take care to verify your information before trusting anyone. There are many charlatans on the web…


The history of sports betting is a captivating journey through time, shaped by constant evolutions and adaptations to successive eras.

From ancient times to modern digital platforms, sports betting continues to adapt, promising a future where innovation and technology will redefine even more the punter's experience.

Monday, December 4, 2023

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