Bet2Invest ?

The idea to create Bet2invest was born from a thought, in 2018, that a Tipster without a balance sheet is a worthless tipster. It's a bit like your banker not issuing you with bank statements, it's exactly the same thing.

It was therefore necessary to create a certification platform for sports predictions to validate the competence (or not) of Tipsters because, as you know, 97% of bettors lose all their money sooner or later!

So we created a minimalist version, in 2019, which generated a lot of interest from users. In 2020, we made Version 1 with a total redesign of the site and a more modern design allowing us to offer various endowed contests that motivated the most assiduous Tipsters.

Two years later, with more than 50 registered Tipsters and above all more than 1600 members, we decide to bring the project to an incubator in the North of France, at the Plaines Images de Tourcoing - Lille Métropole, where we are selected among a multitude of applications.

During 6 months, we have questioned Tipsters and punters to understand, at best, their needs and expectations to create the new version (V2) of Bet2invest that you have, today, at your disposal.

Not only are the predictions verified and certified by the world's leading bookmaker, but you also get a set of statistics and tools that you can't find anywhere else! We look forward to seeing you there!

The Bet2Invest team

The team

O. Degryck's picture

Founder - CEO

O. Degryck

Handles strategy, business development, and partnerships

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Partner - CTO

L. Laurent

Takes care of the development and technical teams

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Marketing Manager

A. Andrearczyk

Is in charge of writing articles, SEO, newsletter, and social networks

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Graphic / web designer

P. Faugeroux

Take care of the design, mock-ups, logos, graphic charter

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