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How to recognize a good bettor?

At Bet2Invest, we are lucky to benefit from decades of experience in the sports betting industry. This allowed us to understand, analyze and get to know this very special world.

Over the years, we have understood that it was possible to imagine sports betting as an investment solution if we were professional enough in our way of doing things.

So we worked a lot internally to try to understand how betting works. Little by little, the bird made its nest to end up creating Bet2Invest, a unique solution on the market, aimed at helping bettors and tipsters to create a relationship between them in order to benefit from a win/win solution for each of the parties.

Our main objective at Bet2Invest is to unearth the best betting experts and give them the opportunity to show their expertise as professional tipsters.

In this quest, we have gradually learned to identify the qualities that embody winning tipsters and bettors. And since we love to share things with you, we're going to give you some tips on how to spot a seasoned tipster!

become good bettor

The quest for the best

Passion and relentlessness are two essential qualities possessed by the best tipsters. They are constantly looking for the best in their practice and never stop questioning their methods to try to beat the bookmakers.

These people delve into all the data of their chosen sport, meticulously studying matches and conducting extensive research to unravel information that could impact odds. At present, few tipsters can boast of being excellent without having a real passion for their respective sports.

Not because it is impossible to win without mastering a sport at your fingertips, but above all because, to stay for years in the same field in order to become an expert, you must have this little flame that guides you towards the right path.

The best tipsters recognize the importance of devoting enough time to meticulous match analysis. It's not enough to look at recent results, a few stats or injuries. The best bettors devote countless hours to in-depth research.

Cold blood

Maintaining composure (especially during bad runs) is an essential attribute possessed by the best bettors in the world. It is an unavoidable reality. With the impact of variance, everyone experiences periods of excellence and dearth.

The inherent randomness of bets and expressed by the variance often impacts our strategies. Losses are inevitable, but the intensity of their impact depends on our ability to exercise composure.

Many tipsters succumb to the pressures of a bad period, and that's when you recognize a good bettor. Raising bets in an attempt to recoup losses is a fatal mistake made by way too many bettors.

On the other hand, it is imperative to be careful of overconfidence, because it can be dangerous if you do not have a good management of your emotions.

winning as a bettor

Bankroll management

Prudent bankroll management might appear at the top of this list. Many excellent bettors have seen their capital collapse because of too risky bankroll strategies (or because of a complete lack of management).

If you see a bettor exceeding 5% total stake on a single bet, ask yourself questions. As explained before, bad series are part of the game and with too large bets, you expose yourself to a significant financial risk…

As a general rule, it is recommended not to exceed 2% of your bankroll on a single bet, especially when dealing with fairly low average odds. And the higher your average odds, the more your bet is supposed to decrease.


Humility is a common trait among many good tipsters. The world of sports betting is unforgiving, and thinking you are better than everyone else can bring you down very quickly. 

Beating the bookmakers (even Pinnacle or Exchanges) over the long term is not as easy as it looks.

Beware of confident tipsters who speak with enormous conviction and promise effortless financial gains through their advice and their incredible new Martingale system

The best tipsters approach their profession with caution, and never guarantee profits, despite their high confidence in their abilities.

are you a good tipster ?

Master the important notions of the market

To win in sports betting, you have to master the art of probabilities, while taking into account the margins of the bookmakers. 

If a team's odds of winning are 2.00, our perception of the probability should exceed 1/2, or 50%, before considering a bet on the game in question.

It is actually impossible to accurately estimate the probabilities, but over time, your expertise should allow you to get closer to the reality of the market and find the best values.

Apart from the odds, the notions of RPR (Return to Player Rate) or even ROI must be mastered in order to hope to benefit from your predictions.

Not being “result-oriented”

Focusing on the process rather than the post-match results is a fundamental principle among the best bettors. 

You often see people on social media posting messages that go like “your bet was no good, the player lost”. And yet, the final result of a sporting event does not reflect the quality or not of a bet, at least not totally.

Luck and bad luck (closely related to variance) have an important place in sports betting. It takes several hundred bets before judging the quality of a tipster. 

As we have already said in another article, even the worst bettor can, in a good period, hold an ROI of more than 20% on 50 bets. But when he gets closer to 1000, his shortcomings will catch up with him.

be the best tipster

In conclusion, achieving long-term profitability in sports betting is possible, but this quest requires many qualities. No one is born with an innate mastery of these skills.

In addition, the gap between theory and practice looms large.

Thanks to Bet2Invest, you now have the opportunity to access an innovative, certified and tamper-proof platform, allowing both forecasters to prove themselves, but also ordinary bettors to follow the best.

Will you be tempted?

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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