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Why do the best tipsters bet on Pinnacle?

Since the advent of online sports betting, everyone has used their own forecasting skills to try to beat the bookmakers and therefore make money.

But did you know that two people with a totally identical track record can be light years apart when it comes to betting?

Yes, because some clever little guys try to make everyone believe that they manage to keep 15% Yield on 1000 bets, except that they only take Bet365 boosts at 10€, so they are actually profitable, but still remain very far from Pinnacle tipsters who are able of keeping 5% YIELD on markets with high liquidity.

We are going to explain to you in this article why the best tipsters bet on Pinnacle and why we have decided to make it a key metric at Bet2Invest ?

Tipster Pinnacle

Pinnacle, a solid reputation in the sports betting industry

Pinnacle is one of the most respected names in online sports betting. 

This bookmaker, present since 1998, has earned the trust of bettors around the world through its responsiveness, competitive odds and high limits. 

The best tipsters mostly play on this platform for several reasons:

Competitive odds that make the difference

The odds offered by Pinnacle are among the most competitive on the market.

Knowledgeable bettors recognize the crucial importance of odds when it comes to maximizing long-term gains

With an average TRJ of more than 97.5%, the site takes “only” 2.5% margin per sporting event, which is difficult to find better outside the Exchanges.

Pinnacle's attractive odds allow bettors to benefit from a reduced margin between actual odds and adjusted odds, which means that potential winnings are not affected too much by excessive margins, and players are content to have to master the variance phenomenon.

win money on betting

High Limits and Welcoming Winning Players

Other aspects that attract top tipsters to Pinnacle are its high limits policy and approach to winning bettors.

Unlike many other online betting operators who quickly limit winning bettors, Pinnacle welcomes all bettors, including professional tipsters.

This approach shows Pinnacle's commitment to encouraging savvy bettors and providing them with a real opportunity to make money over the long term.

Pinnacle, a flexible bookmaker that leaves freedom to players.

Pinnacle is renowned for its responsiveness in many markets and its lack of restrictions. 

The best tipsters appreciate the flexibility offered by the website, which allows them to place the bets of their choice without fear of drastic limitations which could lead to a (forced) change of game strategy.

An established track record of reliability

Pinnacle has a solid history of reliability and security in the online betting industry. Top tipsters know they can count on Pinnacle for fast payments, secure transactions, and responsive customer service.

This notion of trust is essential to convince bettors who seek to collaborate with reliable platforms.

Pinnacle is a secure platform

Pinnacle, number 1 of the game

If we take stock of the reasons why Pinnacle is the number 1 bookmaker in the world market, the list is long enough to understand how “Pinny” managed, on his own, to create a competitive advantage through his business strategy.

From competitive odds to the absence of limitations, through reliability / security foolproof, Pinnacle offers a stable environment, in which bettors can speak their expertise and thus maximize their earnings.

If Pinnacle continues to distinguish itself as a preferred choice for professional bettors around the world, it is because they have made the decision to let winning tipsters play without limiting them from the first hundred euros of winnings, and this is why they have now succeeded in positioning themselves as the number 1 platform in sports betting in the world.

At Bet2Invest, we have complete confidence in Pinnacle and we attach great importance to our tipsters playing on this platform.

We need to make sure that our tipsters are winning in high limit markets and that their balance sheet is not embellished with boosted odds right to left.

If you ever want to become a tipster and be able to “invest in yourself”, then join us on Bet2Invest !

Friday, August 18, 2023

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